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Professional Hygiene

NameKey ResponsibilityPhone NumberEmail Address
Nicky BiggartUK Janitorial Sales Manager01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Jeannette McWilliamsUK National Accounts Manager01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Pat WorsopArea Sales Manager - London and South East England01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Eddy HemsleyArea Sales Manager - South West England, South Midlands and South Wales01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Chris BeauclerkArea Sales Manager - East England01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Mike O'NeillArea Sales Manager - Merseyside, Greater Manchester, North Wales and North Midlands01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Roger HulmeArea Sales Manager - North England01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Julie CairneyArea Sales Manager - Scotland01772 322200sales@naughtyxtube.com
Niall BrownArea Sales Manager - Ireland and
Europen Markets
01772 312200sales@naughtyxtube.com

Livestock Sales

NameKey ResponsibilityPhone NumberEmail Address
Nick EvansUK Livestock Division Manager01772 322200nevans@naughtyxtube.com
Barry HeatonArea Sales Manager - Scotland, Ireland, Northern & Eastern England07436 144357barry.heaton@naughtyxtube.com
Adrian MorganArea Sales Manager - Wales, Central & South West England07557 487297amorgan@naughtyxtube.com

UK Office

NameKey ResponsibilityPhone NumberEmail Address
Hannah LeeSales Order Processing and Enquiries
Customer Services
01772 318800sales@naughtyxtube.com
Tina JordanSales and Order Processing and Enquiries01772 318800sales@naughtyxtube.com
Shannah OwenSales and Order Processing and Enquiries01772 318800sales@naughtyxtube.com

International Sales

To download a list of all the countries we currently service please click HERE 

NameKey ResponsibilityPhone NumberEmail Address
Steve TurnerInternational Division Manager
​​​​​​​Janitorial Sales Manager - The Middle East and Asia
+44 (0)1772 322200sturner@naughtyxtube.com
Dr. Freddie YuAnimal Health Sales Manager - East and South East Asia0063 917 822 2831freddieyu@naughtyxtube.com
Nick EvansAnimal Health Sales Manager - Europe (non-UK)+44 (0)1772 322200nevans@naughtyxtube.com
Cedric KimpyneckExport Sales Manager – Latin America and North Africa+44 (0)7881 852706ckimpyneck@naughtyxtube.com

International Sales Office

NameKey ResponsibilityPhone NumberEmail Address
Irene SmithSenior Export Logistics Administrator01772 318845ismith@naughtyxtube.com
Kerry RobinsonPA and Marketing Assistant01772 318836krobinson@naughtyxtube.com
Ashley MillerExport Logistics Assistant01772 318358amiller@naughtyxtube.com
Angela TomaselliExport Logistics Assistant01772 318838atomaselli@naughtyxtube.com
Marija PurcellExport Credit Control01772 318847mpurcell@naughtyxtube.com